Engaging a hard-to-reach audience of HNWIs


UHNWIs:   C-Suite:

Combined wealth: £16 trillion (1)

73% male, 27% female (4)

Male average net worth: £82m and female average net worth: £90m (1) 

60% self made, 20% inherited, 20% self-made/inherited (1) 

Luxury goods spending: £30bn on fashion, £13bn on art, £11bn on aviation, £8bn on yachting (2) 

90% fly private and make 41 private aviation trips per year (2) 

Private jet travellers spend 70 times more than the average traveller in the places they visit* (2) 

Own 4 homes (typically a £22.3m mansion in London, a £18.6m holiday home on the French Riviera and a £12.1m Tuscany estate) (3) 

(1) WealthX (2) Elite Travelers (3) Beauchamp Estate and Datalot (4) Merrill Lynch           * In Asia

   72% of passengers on private jets are top-middle executives (1)

   32 business trips on private jets annually (1)

   64% of senior executives use private aviation to support business schedules not met with commercial airlines (1)

   65% of private jets are company-owned (2)

   A CEO can spend up to £1.6m on a company owned private jet a year (3)

   Among Fortune's Global 500, 88% of the top 50 are private jet users (4)




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