The world's leading marketing partner in private jet terminals

In today’s overcrowded media space, it is increasingly difficult for luxury brands to cut through the noise and directly reach the world’s affluent without distraction from other communication.

Adlux is the only marketing partner enabling luxury and B2B brands to precisely target ultra high net worth individuals and C-suite business leaders in an environment specifically catered to them, the world of private aviation.

Adlux has developed Passenger Engagement Platforms within a sophisticated and engaging media space that allows purity of brand message in the uncluttered surroundings of private jet terminals without wastage.

Always on the move and in constant search of efficiency, this audience has demanding travel needs, met by the convenienve of private aviation. 90% of UHNWIs fly by private jet (1) and 72% of passengers on private jets are top-middle executives (2).

The top 1% of the world’s richest – including UHNWIs and C-suite business leaders – accounts for 46% of global wealth (3). Adlux, with a global presence in Europe, Middle East, Russia, APAC, Central America, and the US is uniquely placed to reach that top 1% alone. 

 (1) Elite Travelers, (2) Harris, (3) Credit Suisse